How to get WWE season 3 Supercard.

In the year 2016, there was a big announce made by 2K. The announce was about WWE season 3 Supercard.


They announced that WWE Supercard which is company's action-packed collectible card betting game was available for free.  wwe supercard cheats


This free downloadable update is available on the App Store for iOS device. You can easily find that super cards on the App Store of iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.


Google Play Store and Amazon app store are also offering the WWE season 3 Supercard for Android devices.


In this season 3 Supercard series, you will get the chance to play in real time gameplay mode. You will also get 3 card tiers which are newly launched.


Not only those you will get an increased roster of WWE and NXT Superstars. You will find new ways to compete with others from all around the world.


This all features shows that WWE Supercard is raising the bar. As per competitive and energetic side of WWE action, it is continuously raising a class of gameplay, which come as a very challenging thing for other game developers.


Season 3 Supercard is a unique format like the previous seasons. WWE season 3 Supercard is delivering not only an accessible but also enjoyable gameplay. It is a mirror of goals and complement of 2K.


WWE Supercard makes its debut in the month of August 2014. Since then it has more than 15 million global downloaders.


Thousands of cards offer in active play each and every card represents one of 13 different rarity levels.


WWE Supercard season 3 holders can be built teams with WWE superstars and legends. You can also build teams of NXT Superstars.


One can train them to full potential and battle in various match type to test their fortunes in tournaments.


The list of supercars in WWE season 3 is given below


NEW CARD TIRES - Accessing three new tires you can complete more than 100 new cards.


ROYAL RUMBLE-Player to have the last card remaining in the ring. In each round, you and your adversary play cards to fight. On the off chance that you possess the ring, you penance a card to pick the kind of match (Speed, Power, Toughness or Charisma) that will unfurl.


In the event that you aren't as of now holding down the ring, you play a card to go facing adversary's card.


On the off chance that your adversary doesn't get a favorable match type, the individual in question will lose the ring and your card will enter as the new victor.


Holding the ring for a full round wins you one point. Having the last card standing gives you three points. The player with the most focuses wins, however, there is a trick: ring-holder properties channel as they conflict with new adversaries.


Picking which card to forfeit in case you're holding the ring, or which card to use in a fight in case you're attempting to get into it, presents some fascinating choices.


For example, if your rival has an Ultimate card, you might need to trim it down with a more fragile card before raging the ring.


The equivalent goes for yielding a card; do you play your most grounded card for a match type you think you'll win or do you readily lose the ring in an intense bet that your solid card will almost certainly assume control over your adversary's card in the following round.